Continuing Professional Development


At Treendale Pet Medical, our veterinarians are actively engaged in continuing professional development which means we are constantlylearning and keeping up to date with the latest theory and advances in small animal medicine and surgery.
small animal fracture and traumatology Dr Rob Hill Bunbury vet

Dr Rob Hill receives his masters certificate in Traumatology and small animal fracture repair from Adjunct Professor Alessandro Piras from Italy

TPLO Dr Rob Hill Bunbury veterinarian

Dr Rob Hill receives his masters certificate in TPLO surgery from Associate Professor Mark Glyde from Murdoch University.

small animal surgery experts Dr Rob Hill Bunbury veterinarian

Dr Rob Hill does a lot of continuing professional development. Dr Rob is pictured with world leaders in small animal orthopaedics, Associate Professor Mark Glyde, Adjunct Professor Alessandro Piras, Dr Luca Vezzoni, Dr Rob Hill, Dr Christopher Tan a Sydney Specialist and Professor Bruno Peirone from Turin Italy.

veterinary surgery Bunbury

Continuing professional development is crucial in a rapidly changing profession. Is your vet active in learning new things?
The vets at Treendale Pet medical are.

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