As well as radiology and ultrasonography, Treendale Pet Medical has sophisticated imaging equipment to take our veterinarians to those hard to examine places. We have a 2mm Rhinoscope that can take a camera into very small places such as a cats nose. Does your pet have chronic sneezing or an unusual discharge from its nose? Perhaps we can help by placing a camera into the nose to take a look, take biopsies or samples or maybe just remove a hard to find grass seed? We also have an Endoscope to examine the gastrointestinal system. Endoscopy is used to examine the stomach for ulcers, tumors and foreign bodies that are sometimes invisible on x-ray or ultrasound. Endoscopy can be used as a non surgical option for biopsies of the stomach or colon. Endoscopy can also be used as a non surgical option for foreign body removal in the oesophagus. If your pet has chronic vomiting or chronic blood in the stool, an endoscope may be the answer for achieving a diagnosis.
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