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Pictured below is a cytology of a benign fatty cell mass called a Lipoma. These fatty lumps are very common in old dogs but should always be checked because they can be mistaken for connective tissue sarcomas or liposarcomas. Always ask your veterinarian to do a fine needle aspirate of any lump for cytology.

Lipoma dog Treendale Pet Medical Bunbury Vet

Skin Cancer 

Canine Mast Cell Tumors
canine Mast Cell tumors can take many morphological appearances and are often mistaken as "nothing to worry about" when in fact they are very serious indeed and potentially fatal due to metastatic malignant behaviour.
Here is some examples of canine mast cell tumors

mast cell tumor scrotum dog Treendale Pet Medical Bunbury Vet

Any mass on a scrotum of a dog should be investigated. They are usually sinister. The canine scrotum is a common place to find mast cell tumors, squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas.

Bone Cancer in the Dog

Osteosarcoma - Osteosarcoma is one of the most common bone cancers in dogs. It is unfortunately common in the large and giant breeds especially rottweillers, German Shepherds and Great Danes to name a few of the more susceptible breeds. Bone cancers are very painful and respond poorly to analgesia. If your pet has a hard bony swelling and lameness, it should be radiographed. Make sure your vet takes x-rays.

osteosarcoma dog Treendale Pet Medical Bunbury Vet


Thoracic Neoplasia 

Pulmonary mass in a dog with severe breathing difficulty - dyspnoea. One side of the lung field is solid white due to a large pulmonary mass growing in the lung.
Lung Cancer dog Treendale Pet Medical Bunbury Vet


Abdominal Neoplasia


Laryngeal Cancer

Cancer of the larynx is a very challenging condition in animals. Removal of the larynx is not practical for normal life function. Biopsies need to be taken to see whether chemotherapy or radiation therapy may be curative.

lung cancer dog Treendale Pet Medical Bunbury Vet
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