Snake Envenomation

Snake Bite Symptoms and Treatment

Dugite snake Bunbury Western Australia

What are the symptoms of snake bite?
Symptoms of snake bite vary considerably depending on the species of snake, the amount of venom injected and the site of the bite.
The early stages may see vomiting within a few moments of the bite as part of an allergic reaction to the venom.
The pupils may dilate and are unresponsive to light.
Weakness on the legs and difficulty breathing may develop after that.
Sometimes weakness, tremors and salivation may be present.
Weakness followed by collapse means your pet is in trouble and needs to get to a vet ASAP.
Sometimes we see bleeding from the gums, the nose, the urine or faeces. Snake venom can stop the blood clotting causing bleeding but there will be other symptoms present such as weakness and difficulty breathing.
Laboured breathing is typical as paralysis starts to develop.
If your pet is starting to have trouble breathing they will go into shock from lack of oxygen and their mucous membranes will start to turn blue. This is quickly followed by a cessation of respiration leading to hypoxia and death.
If you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake, time is critical. The sooner your vet can start treatment, the better the chances are of your pet surviving. Some Australian snakes are extremely deadly and can cause death within 30-60 minutes. Time is a factor.
The biggest cause of death from snake envenomation is not enough antevenene quickly enough.
Call us immediately on 08 97961388 if you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake.
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