Vet Nurses

Veterinary Nurses

Amanda Vanstone - Head of Veterinary Nursing (qualified veterinary nurse)

veterinary nurse Treendale Pet Medical veterinary hospital Bunbury anaesthetic surgery

Amanda is the head nurse at Treendale Pet Medical. Amanda has dedicated herself to becoming the best veterinary nurse she can possibly be and after completing her Cert IV in veterinary nursing, she is now studying for her diploma.

Amanda has an outstanding work ethic. Amanda is highly dedicated and has been one of our most outstanding team members for many years. Her strong work ethic, dedication and commitment has helped this hospital rise to success. Her contribution and dedication has been greatly appreciated.

Amanda is an outstanding nurse. Her dedication to her patients is inspiring. No detail is overlooked from admission, through the hospitalisation period, patient care, general anaesthesia and monitoring to patient discharge. Amanda's gentle animal handling, nursing and client communication skills are excellent.

Amanda is an outstanding veterinary nurse.

veterinary nurse animal dentistry dog Treendale Pet Medical veterinary hospital Bunbury

Amanda has a real growth mindset and is continually improving herself all the time. Her dedication and commitment to excellence and personal growth is exceptional.

Amanda is a very patient and caring leader of our junior nurses. She is highly regarded as a teacher by our junior staff and she continues to help train our nurses and help them to improve themselves. She is a great team player, and a great teacher.

Amanda was also the winner of the South West Employee of the Year in 2015.

Mandy du Pre (client liaison)

veterinary nurse reception in patients out patients Treendale Pet Medical veterinary hospital Bunbury

Mandy is one of our dedicated veterinary nurses at Treendale Pet Medical. Mandy has become very passionate about animal behaviour and is one of our team leaders for fear free veterinary practice. She has attended courses on animal behaviour and fear free veterinary practice and is now a passionate advocate of our vision for low stress animal handling.

Mandy wants your pet to get off to a great start in life and is now running our puppy school and kitten classes and will provide you with the very latest on best practice for animal nutrition, training, gentle handling and the very best veterinary advice..

Mandy has an exceptional work ethic. She is dedicated to the care of your pet and goes above and beyond to deliver every detail you need. 

Mandy is very passionate about customer service after many years in the hospitality industry. Mandy prides herself on explaining things very clearly and makes a special effort to make you feel welcome. 


Leticia Clark (studying Certificate IV veterinary nursing)

Leticia preparing the theatre for surgery

veterinary nurse operating theater surgery Treendale Pet Medical veterinary hospital Bunbury
Leticia is an exceptional veterinary nurse

Leticia is a very passionate animal lover and dedicated veterinary nurse and is one of the truly exceptional staff at Treendale Pet Medical.

Leticia has an exceptional work ethic and is totally dedicated and committed to personal growth and becoming the best veterinary nurse she can be. She is studying her certificate IV in veterinary nursing through Australia's leading veterinary nurse training program.

Leticia is very hard working and very reliable. She takes exceptional care of her patients and never overlooks any detail. 

Leticia enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing and is highly competent. 

veterinary nurse laser treatment therapy dog Treendale Pet Medical veterinary hospital Bunbury

Leticia is pictured using the K-Laser for a laser treatment of a dog's stifle with osteoarthritis and chronic pain. 

Leticia is a very caring nurse.

Ana Badra (qualified veterinary nurse)

Bunbury certificate IV veterinary nurse Treendale Pet Medical

Ana Badra is a highly intelligent young woman. Ana qualified with a degree in law but moved to Australia and chose to follow her passion with her true love of animals. Ana is a qualified veterinary nurse. She has her certificate IV in veterinary nursing and has a plethora of professional development certificates and courses to her name. Ana is a very passionate veterinary nurse who will take executive care of your pets.


Sophie Bandura (qualified veterinary nurse)

veterinary nursing certificate iv Bunbury Treendale Pet Medical vet hospital

Sophie is a qualified veterinary nurse having passed her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing.
Sophie is an avid animal lover as are all our veterinary nurses.
Sophie has a  passion for all animals and loves providing them with the very best care. Sophie owns three beautiful dogs and three guinea pigs and a rabbit. She  loves spending time with all of them. Sophie has a real growth mindset and wants to learn as much as she can about veterinary nursing and how to look after your pets in a clinical environment. Sophie is passionate about providing high level care for your pets.

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