Dr. Rob Hill BVSc BSc MANZCVS (surgery) CMAVA

Bunbury veterinarian Dr Rob Hill surgery
                        MANZCVS (surgery)
Dr Rob Hill is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons in the discipline of small animal surgery.
Rob became a veterinarian in the days when vets did everything so he has a vast array of experience in all things veterinary science.. Rob is an allrounder who does everything from medical consultations to advanced surgical procedures, orthopaedics, sonography, radiography, laser therapy, stem cell therapy, PRP, reproduction, and animal prosthetics. Everything listed on this website, Rob can do. Along the journey through veterinary science, Rob developed an interest in surgery and does pretty much any surgical procedure you can think of. Rob is also very interested in dermatology and enjoys helping people that are frustrated with their pets' allergies and itchy skin. Rob is a regular attendee at the Murdoch University Dermclub for professional development in dermatology. As well as being an exceptional surgeon, Rob is an Australian industry leader in animal orthotics and prosthetics. He is also interested in the potential of natural healing therapies such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy and recently of laser therapy. Rob does a mountain of continuing professional development to keep our veterinarians and our organisation at the cutting edge of veterinary science and the latest medical and surgical theory. Rob is a chartered member of the Australian Veterinary Association CMAVA. Chartered members of the AVA are very active n continuing professional development.



Dr. Torben Holm BSc BVMS

Dr Torben Holm veterinarian


Torben graduated from Murdoch University School Of Veterinary Studies in 1998. Torben is a vastly experienced veterinarian who is very popular with clients. His medical knowledge and bedside manner is excellent.

Dr Torben works at Treendale Pet Medical on Mondays and on weekends when it is his turn in our weekend rotation.

Torben is working at Australind Veterinary Hospital Tuesday to Friday

animal lover Dr Torben Holm
Dr Torben Holm pictured with Rhaja our clinic cat

Dr. Raelene Broome BSc BVMS

Local Australind girl Treendale Pet Medical Bunbury

Local Australind girl Raelene Broome has graduated from Murdoch University and has joined us at Treendale Pet Medical.
Raelene was born in Bunbury and moved to Australind when she was one. Raelene has always had a keen interest in the care of animals. Raelene decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine shortly after taking her own dog to Dr Rob as a young child. Raelene has a glittering academic record from Primary school to University. Raelene studied at Murdoch University School of Veterinary Medicine and has now graduated and is excited to be working in her home town. Her passions are small animal medicine and dermatology, and she aspires to gain membership in one of these areas in the coming years.

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