Telemedicine at Treendale Pet Medical

telemedicine now available at Treendale Pet Medical in Bunbury

What is telemedicine? Quite simply you send us photos or videos of your pet or pet problem and we help you diagnose the problem and prescribe your pet any necessary medication. This is done from the comfort of your home. You no longer have to pay exorbitant fees to have a mobile vet come to your house. Use telemedicine instead!

What do you have to do to have telemedicine with Treendale Pet Medical? You must call us on 97961388 during business hours. Our receptionist will schedule a time for the veterinarian to look at your photo or video. Videos can be big files and hard to send from your smart phone as an email so you can download it to your Youtube channel and email the link. You can also come in with the video or photos on your smart phone. The veterinarians can be very busy so please make an appointment.

There will be times when the veterinarian will have to take a closer look. We will not charge you for a second consultation however if you need to bring your pet into the hospital?

A veterinarian will look at your images, videos or files at the time of the scheduled appointment.
It will be a veterinarian that looks at the material and makes a diagnosis.
It will be a veterinarian that is prescribing you any prescription medications that are required.

Which veterinarian in Bunbury is offering telemedicine? Treendale Pet Medical.

Your best friend is our world.

Call us on 08 97961388 or email

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