At Treendale Pet Medical we offer a wide range of ophthalmic surgery.

Surgery of the eyelids is sometimes necessary to remove neoplasms (cancers) on the eyelids.

Eyelid deformities such as entropion (eyelids roll in) need to be corrected to prevent eyelashes rubbing the eye causing corneal ulceration. Ectropion (eyelids roll out) needs to be corrected to prevent the eye from drying out leading to keratitis, ulceration and KCS. We can perform these surgeries for you should they be necessary.

Cherry eye surgery is also a common procedure we perform. This used to be a frustrating operation with unpredictable outcomes. We are now using the modified pocket technique and we are getting excellent results.

Corneal ulcers that become very deep threatening to rupture the eye are a very serious problem. These eyes often need a corneal graft to save the eye. We can help.

Enucleation of the eye may be sometimes necessary for trauma

Cherry Eye Surgery

cherry eye surgery Bunbury at Treendale Vet
The photo above shows a dog with a "cherry eye". This is actually the gland of the nicitans (3rd eyelid) that has herniated to the inside of the nicitinic membrane or third eyelid. This gland has an important function in tear production and must be replaced and saved from disease to prevent dry eye in the dog. This procedure has caused a lot of challenges over the years but we have been doing the pocket technique for a few years now with 100% success rate so far.

Dr Rob Hill vet Bunbury doing cherry eye surgery in a dog 
Dr Rob Hill uses a set of operating loupes for magnification and surgical precision. This is very handy for microsurgery such as cherry eye and other ocular surgery like corneal grafting.
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