Quality Suture Materials

High Quality Assured At Treendale Pet Medical

We use high quality Riverpoint suture materials at Treendale Pet Medical.

surgery Treendale Pet medical veterinary hospital Bunbury  surgery Treendale Pet medical Veterinary Hospital Bunbury 

We try hard not to use external sutures anymore. Our preference is to use internal dissolving sutures wherever possible.
There are times however, when external sutures are required.
They can be difficult to visualise when it is time to remove them and if any suture is left in the wound,
it can lead to a foreign body reation and infection.

We use Visipro for our external sutures. It glows in the dark under blue black light. This is cool. You can see the surgery below.
It is hard to see the suture. See what happens when we shine a blue black light on the suture!

  surgery Treendale Pet Medical Veterinary Hospital Bunbury

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