The Hospital

The Hospital

Hospital Features

Treendale Pet Medical is a modern purpose built veterinary hospital designed with the comfort, safety and emotional well being of your pet at the forefront of our thinking.

We hope to bring you a more pleasant veterinary experience both for our clients and their pets. The interior design is stunning. We have a landscaped outdoor waiting area for shy pets too. You can wait in comfort in all weather in our visually beautiful landscaped garden. We have created small environments within the waiting room for you to enjoy your time in our hospital. It is so beautiful, you will want to spend some time here to have a time our from your hectic day. Your pet will have a more comfortable veterinary experience because our hospital has been designed to make their time with us more pleasant. Our hospital design has fear free colours because animals see the world differently to us. Our colours are less frightening to animals.

We have worked hard to find a colour combination that is not frightening to animals and yet is still pleasant for pet owners and animal lovers like our staff. We wanted to build our staff the most beautiful animal hospital we could to make their time at work even more enjoyable.

We have dedicated cat wards, small dog wards and a large dog ward to keep the different animals in stress free environments. You will hear soft music playing for the animals. We have a large projector for client information evenings and for specialists to come and train our veterinarians. You will love our animal hospital!

Hospital Benefits

Treendale Pet Medical is a veterinary hospital designed with fear free veterinary practice in mind to reduce stress on your pet and make a trip to the vet pleasant for your fur children. We take the pet out of petrified.

We have two very large receptions to minimise bottlenecks and waiting times. Our large spacious main reception desk is made out of corian for aesthetic beauty and it is large and curved to give you more space and a more pleasant customer experience. If you are dropping off your pet or collecting your pet to take home, we have a large admission and discharge desk at the other end of the waiting room. You will have a faster service for the busy drop off and pick up time of the day.

We have a dedicated and private euthanasia room where you can enter and leave through a side door for a more private and personal experience in the challenging emotional time of grief for the loss of a beloved pet. Your emotional needs are at the forefront of our thinking at this difficult time.

Dedicated wards for cats, small dogs and large dogs will make your pets stay with us more pleasant.

We have dedicated sterile surgeries for state of the art theatre hygiene to prevent post operative infections. We even have a dedicated orthopaedic surgery for specialised bone and joint procedures. You and your pet will love our new purpose built veterinary hospital.

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