About Treendale

At Treendale Pet Medical we have synergised our award winning customer service with the stunning beauty of our modern animal hospital to create the ultimate veterinary experience for you and your pet. You'll love our new hospital and a fear free experience for your pet!

The More Comfortable Treendale Vet Pet Experience

Our waiting room is stunningly beautiful. You will feel so relaxed in the beautiful microenvironments we have created that you won't want to leave. We have considered the emotional wellbeing of your pet too by designing our hospital to be a fear free experience for your much loved animals. We have endeavoured to minimise your waiting time with multiple large spacious receptions. We also have a landscaped outdoor waiting area for shy owners and pets to have some privacy in the intricate beauty of our waterfalls and gardens.Our team are trained in fear free practice and we aim to deliver an experience that will make your pet feel like we are their second home. We continue to deliver our award winning customer service with a smile but our friendly team is now within a beautiful new hospital with a stunning backdrop and interior design. You will love our new animal hospital.

Fear Free Pet Experience At Treendale Vet

Treendale Pet Medical has been designed to minimise stress and anxiety on your pet. Our goal is to NOT create unpleasant experiences for your fur children.We want to be your best friend's other family.

What is Fear Free Practice?

  • The internal colours of our hospital have been carefully selected. Some colours actually frighten animals. Did you know white is a scary colour for animals because they see into the ultraviolet spectrum? White appears like glowing neon violet colour to animals and it's a bit like a ghost train ride if the walls are white. Our hospital is painted a cream colour. Most veterinary hospitals are medical grade white adapted from the human medical experience. Animals hate it!

  • We use stress relieving pheromones in our waiting room, consulting rooms and animal wards to make animals feel calm.

  • We play soft music selected by animal behaviourists to reduce anxiety in pets.

  • Pets love treats and your pet will receive plenty when they visit us.

  • Ask us about love visits for your pet.

  • Cuddles and treats from our caring staff.

  • Laser therapy whilst your pet gets treats and cuddles makes them feel nice and relaxed.

  • Your pet will never see a needle at our practice. We hide the injections and distract the pets with treats before injection.

  • Gentle animal handling.

  • Ask us about special medications you can use if your vet already has a phobia from a previous bad experience.

  • Friendly staff who care about animals and treat them well.

  • Gentle veterinarians with good animal handling skills.

  • Gentle and caring veterinary nurses with good animal handling skills.

  • Separate environments for waiting help keep pets apart.

  • Cats go straight into our cat consulting room. Yes, we have separate cat and dog rooms!

  • Dedicated animal hospital wards for cats, small dogs and large dogs keep the in-patients separate from scary animals

  • Outside waiting area in beautiful landscaped gardens for more privacy.

  • Separate euthanasia room with side access door to reduce stress on pet and owner and improve privacy and intimacy.

  • We will encourage sedation for scary procedures like nail clipping, anal gland expression, blood collection, clipping.