Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers

We are avid cat lovers at Treendale Pet Medical. We love cats. We have dedicated cat facilities. We have a dedicated cat consulting room where we use feline pheromones for calm and relaxed moggies to enjoy their visit to the vet. We also have a dedicated feline ward in our hospital where cats will not be mixed with dog’s. We love cats. We own cats!

Check out Dr Rob’s new cat…his Bengal baby named Rahja.

We love cats but nobody more than Dr Rob Hill. Dr Rob loves cats. Rob’s mum is a crazy cat lady. Ever since he was a small child, Rob’s mum would feed every stray cat in the neighbourhood. Rob always had a house full of cats and fell in love with them as a child.

Dr Rob and his nurses also rescued a ginger fuzz ball that was named Oliver Twist because he always wanted some more food. Oliver was born in a barn on a local farm and was saved from being shot by the farmer by nurse Janet. Oliver recently passed after using up his nine lives. Actually, we think Oliver had a few extra ones. He was bitten by a Tiger snake when he was two along the foreshore of the Leschenault estuary. He made it back to the clinic 50m away but his status was critical. Somehow he survived thanks to the veterinary skills of Dr Rob and the love and care from our nursing team. Oliver survived to be crowned Australia’s number one cat.

Our beloved ginger tabby cat Oliver was Australia’s clinic cat of the year in 2016 becoming national champion. In 2016, Oliver was Western Australia’s clinic cat of the year.

Oliver was a ginger rock star and became the Funky Cat from Treendale. He is honoured as the big ginger cat on the front wall of our building sipping a pina colada. Check out the funky cat from Treendale.

We also celebrated Oliver’s feline peculiarities with our smash hit cat video “I’m a Feline”

Unfortunately Oliver grew old. He got cancer. His loss was emotionally painful but we love cats. We just had to get a new cat because life just doesn’t seem right without a feline companion. So we went for a cat with real personality. Rahja is our new baby Bengal kitten. We named him Rahja becauise he looked like a little king. Watch Rahja playing with his pink ball. He loves his new home at Treendale Pet medical.