ALICAM in WESTERN AUSTRALIA Bunbury Treendale Pet Medical

ALICAM in WESTERN AUSTRALIA Bunbury Treendale Pet Medical


ALICAM is the perfect all-in-one GI imaging solution for pets and it is now available in Western Australia at Treendale Pet Medical in Bunbury 08 97961388

ALICAM is a small camera that your pet swallows.

This is what an ALICAM looks like

The ALICAM is the size of a vitamin capsule and is given orally to your pet just like taking a pill.
ALICAM image.
Dr Rob Hill administering an ALICAM to a patient.

The ALICAM is a camera that passes through the gastrointestinal system taking photos of every nook and cranny along its journey. It takes multiple photos per second as it passes down the oesophagus, into the stomach, through the small intestine, colon and rectum and out it pops.

Normal oesophagus

This is what a normal stomach looks like in a dog.

These images are then downloaded and a diagnosis of what is causing chronic gastrointestinal problems can be made.

This dog had chronic bleeding from the gut and melena which is black tarry stools. Radiographs and ultrasound were unable to identify the cause of the problem. ALICAM tooks images all the way through the gastrointestinal system and a stomach cancer was diagnosed thanks to the revolutionary imaging breakthrough. ALICAM saved this dog from having invasive surgery just for diagnostic purposes.

Stomach cancer in a dog diagnosed with ALICAM

There is no need for a general anaesthetic. Dr Rob Hill will administer the ALICAM in the consulting room and you will take your pet home to wait until it pops out the back end. You will need to monitor every stool motion for the ALICAM of course. If you do not want to do that, your pet can stay in hospital with us until the ALICAM is passed for us to find.

Chronic vomiting and diarrhoea or GI bleeding can be a very frustrating problem and can be very expensive with blood tests, radiographs and ultrasound of the gut often unrewarding as well.

ALICAM is a revolutionary breakthrough to bypass all this frustration that will get direct to the source of the problem and photograph it without any expensive and painful invasive surgery and biopsies.

This dog had chronic large bowel diarrhoea. Using ALICAM we were able to look at the full length of the colon without invasive surgery. The colon is very difficult to image with ultrasound because it is full of faeces. Using enemas only partially helps with imaging of the colon because an enema fills the colon with air making it hard to actually image the wall of the colon. ALICAM helped make a diagnosis.

Ulcerative colitis in a dog

The image above shows erosions in the colon that are invisible to any other imaging modality and too deep (proximal) into the colon to be imaged by an endoscopy.

ALICAM is the ultimate diagnostic imaging tool for gastrointestinal disease in dogs and pets more than 5kg.

ALICAM is now available in Western Australia at Treendale Pet Medical in Bunbury. You can call us on 08 97961388. Check out our website

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