Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is now available for many uses.

It is particularly helpful for chronic pain management, acute pain management, healing of acute soft tissue injuries, wound healing, infection control and reducing inflammation.

At Treendale Pet Medical, we use laser therapy post operatively to speed up wound healing. It is used in our pain management clinic for chronic pain management. The laser gets into the deeper tissues and is like a deep heat therapy that reduces pain but also reduces inflammation and stimulates healing. IIt has amazing effects on chronic pain such as osteoarthritis.

We use it for aiding wound healing for trauma patients. Laser is also used as an anxiety controlling therapy in animals that are very frightened. The deep warmth generated by the laser is extremely calming and reduces anxiety.

It feels so nice it makes us want to have a nap. It’s a bit like a massage. It really works.

Laser therapy is well tolerated by animals because it is not painful. In fact it feels so good, they actually relax. Check out this cat having laser therapy.

Laser therapy has many positive effects. It improves and promotes healing. It reduces and relives pain and reduces muscular spasm. There is a strong analgesic effect from laser therapy. It increases joint flexibility and so can be beneficial in rehabilitation of chronic injuries and the reduced range of emotion resulting from chronic joint diseases such as OA. It improves peripheral microcirculation thus increasing healing. It detoxifies and eliminates trigger points.

Laser Therapy has produced stunning results for spinal cases. We have seen dogs with paralysis from intervertebral disc disease that we thought would never walk again become cured with K-Laser therapy. Laser treatment can be used for spinal disease, ruptured intervertebral disc disease causing paralysis and paresis as an alternative to surgery and especially for clients that cannot afford spinal surgery. Here’s the proof. Watch the miracle of Basil as she walks again after being completely paralysed on the back legs.

Laser therapy has many uses including :

Back : back pain, arthritis and spondylosis, intervertebral disc disease and nerve root pain.

Hips : Hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis causing chronic lameness

Hindlimb : canine HD, osteoarthritis of the stifle, post surgical pain and inflammation, tendonitis, achilles tendon tears and injury, trauma, wounds, neuropathy

Perineum and Tail : tail injuries, tail fractures, wounds, anal sacculitis

Forelimb : bicipital tendonitis and bursitis, infra-supraspinatus tendonitis, arthritis, fractures, ligament and tendon strains and sprains, trauma and wounds, acral lick granulomas, pododermatitis

Head : rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis externa, aural haematomas, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), tonsillitis

Mouth : gingivitis, periodontitis, feline stomatitis,

Internal Medicine : cystitis, feline urological syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), feline asthma

Dermatology : canine atopic dermatitis, dermatitis and pyoderma, dermatomyositis, skin wounds, pyotraumatic dermatitis, infected and chronic wounds, post surgical incisions.

It really works. Hear what Jilly the wonder dog has to say about K-Laser treatment for dogs with osteoarthritis.

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