Narelle is now the practice manager at Australind Veterinary Hospital but you will see her on the reception at Treendale from time to time.

Narelle has been an outstanding contributor for our team and is very dedicated and committed. Narelle has an outstanding work ethic and is extremely efficient and competent. Narelle is also a qualified veterinary nurse and has spent her life working in the veterinary industry. She loves people and their pets.

Narelle has three boys along with a menagerie of pets including Lola the dog, Robbie and Sheba the cats, and a variety of birds and fish.

Narelle regularly takes pity on the animals that are abandoned at veterinary hospitals so her menagerie continually grows.


The amazing Josie was voted Australia’s number one veterinary receptionist by The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). Josie is very dedicated to high level customer service after being in customer relations positions for three decades. Josie has a great attitude, lifts the mood of our team with her good nature and outrageous sense of humor and is dedicated and committed to providing our customers with a positive experience. Josie loves meeting and greeting our clients and their pets. Josie also co-ordinates our popular free community events. Josie is a loving, caring and creative person and is a vital cog in our team culture.


JasmineJasmine is one of our vibrant young ladies you will meet at the front of our happy business. Jasmine will brighten your day with her charm.


Hi! My name is Tahlia and I am one of the radiant receptionists at Treendale Pet Medical. I am the first face you will see as you walk into the remarkable hospital, and I will be the voice on the other end of the phone to answer all of your questions and queries.
Being bright and bubbly is one of my strong points, so I fit quite comfortably at Treendale Pet Medical as it is the only Happiness Centre in the South West!
Working closely with your beloved pet is a dream come true for me as I adore all the different creatures that walk through our doors. I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, so when you bring your pet to see us at Treendale Pet Medical they will get the ultimate love and affection!
I am the youngest of the team, and they have all been amazing to me; teaching me new things everyday…. I also teach them a few things as well. J
I love working at Treendale Pet Medical, and getting to see your amazing fur babies is an absolute pleasure! Your pet is our world!
So come and see me and the team at Treendale Pet Medical.