The Tragedy

Jenna’s mum and dad had noticed that her tummy was suddenly huge. It seemed over the last few days that Jenna’s tummy was really big. She was still eating but had lost a little bit of weight.

Dr Rob examined Jenna and noticed her mucous membranes were quite pale. Dr Rob palpated her abdomen and noticed there was a large mass in Jenna’s abdomen. Dr Rob was worried that this was a cancer that was bleeding. Dr Rob recommended a blood test and an ultrasound.

The Prognosis

The blood test showed that Jenna had a regenerative anaemia. The pale gums and the anaemia fit with internal bleeding. The ultrasound confirmed that Jenna had a massive splenic tumor that was bleeding. Jenna needed surgery immediately to survive the night.

The Miracle

We did blood tests, ultrasounds and chest xrays to stage the cancer however no other tumors could be found apart from the enormous mass in her spleen. Jenna’s loving parents decided to give her a chance.

Sometimes enormous cancers are more benign. The fabulous team at Treendale Pet Medical prepared Jenna for surgery. During her surgery we discovered the biggest cancer Dr Rob has ever seen in a dog. After hours of painstaking surgery we were able to successfully remove the mass. We sent biopsies off to find out what type of cancer this very large mass was. The histopathology report came back as a splenic sarcoma.

Jenna made a remarkable recovery after such invasive surgery and severe blood loss. She bounced back quickly and went home two days later. Jenna is undergoing regular rechecks for metastatic disease but at last check has been fabulously well.

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