Cupid Control

Cupid Control

We offer routine surgeries aimed at reducing those animal urges to reproduce. We like a softer description called ‘cupid control’. We really dislike the harsh sounding terms, desex, sterilize, castrate, neuter, sterilization, castration, spay, ovariohysterectomy . It doesn’t sound very nice. It isn’t what we want to offer your loved ones.

At Treendale Pet Medical, we offer the more comfortable cupid control.

Your pet will have some calming assistance therapy some vets may describe as sedation. Whilst our caring nurses prepare for cupid control, your fur child will be in a safe place listening to soft music. We use pheromones in the cage to assist with a fear free experience which reduces stress. DAP for doggies and Feliway for felines are used to help make your pet feel right at home. This is part of our magic carpet ride of pheromones.

Our hospital wards have underground heating and temperature control with air conditioning so the temperature will be just right for your pet’s maximum comfort!

Comfortable and clean bedding is provided for every patient. Our animal loving care nurses will make sure your pet has a blanket and is safe, warm and comfortable after cupid control. Strong analgesia is used pre and post surgery to prevent discomfort. We use K-Laser therapy post operatively to reduce discomfort and inflammation. Laser therapy speeds wound healing, reduces inflammation and helps prevent pain and discomfort.

Analgesia is very important. Your pet will get four kinds of pain control if you choose Treendale Pet Medical for your pet’s surgery. Hear what one of our patients had to say about her surgery…

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