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The wild landscapes and animals of Africa is where Dr Marius Louw calls home….

Dr Marius Louw has vast experience with the wild animals of Africa being one of the leading wildlife conservation veterinarians in South Africa. Dr Louw has experience with everything from giants like Rhino and Elephants to large cats like Lions. He also dealt with snakes, birds and lizards on a daily basis in his practice back in Pretoria before coming to Australia. Dr Louw can help if you have an unusual pet or you need a zoo veterinarian for a sick animal.


110% best vet in the area, not only are they amazing with my anxious American Staffy but their expertise saved my parents’ bull terriers life when we were told she only had a few weeks left from other vets which I’ll always be grateful for. Couldn’t recommend enough –

Michael Pullicino

CT scans can help us diagnose exotic pet problems

Specialist vets treating unusual pets often turn to advanced imaging to diagnose those tricky problems that exotic animals seem to get. We now have a CT machine to help.

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