Comfort for
Pampered Pets

Hospital Comfort for Pampered Pets

All our hospital wards have been designed with our patient’s comfort and emotional well-being at the forefront of our thinking.

The wards are designed in fear free colours. The flooring has underground heating for maximum comfort.

The pets are warm and toasty in winter with underground heating and cool in summer with air conditioned wards that are temperature controlled with the push of a button. We use pheromones in our hospital wards to maximise the happiness of our patients.

We have a cat ward that is only for cats. The cat ward has a treatment area inside the ward so your much loved feline never has to leave the cat ward and will never see a dog if they have to stay in our hospital. The walls are soundproofed so the cats cannot hear dogs barking.

We have a small dog ward for our small fluffy friends so they can stay in comfort, safety and without the fear of large dogs making eye contact.

Our large dog ward has underground heating and large comfortable runs where our larger canine companions are not cramped. The patients cannot see each other to keep our more submissive patients calm and secure emotionally.

All dogs are walked several times a day by our dedicated nurses.

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