Treendale Pet Medical has a dedicated dental facility.

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Our veterinarians take pet dental health very seriously. Dental pain, gum disease and tooth ache is extremely common in our pets but tragically they suffer in silence because they can’t tell us how much pain they are in.

Prevention is better than cure! Don't let your dog's teeth end up here! Get them cleaned!
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To prevent your dog having a life of oral pain and eventually losing all of its teeth, you need to have your pet's teeth cleaned every six months. If you don't, the photos above is what happens.

No bones are not good for your dog's teeth.

Dentistry is important for your pet, to keep them pain free but also to extend their lives. Severe dental infection, gum recession and a mouth full of pus and pain has severe systemic effects on your pet's health. Chronic infection and build up of pus and toxins leads to toxaemia and sepsis as the toxins and bacteria get into the blood stream. This damages the organs. Microabscesses are found in the liver, kidneys, spleen, heart and lungs at necropsy on pets with severe and chronic dental disease. As well as ilnness and reducing the quality of life due to oral pain, dental disease causes bad breath or halitosis. This reduces the enjoyment you experience with your pet.

At Treendale Pet Medical, we take pet dentistry seriously.

We have built a dedicated dental facility within the walls of Treendale Pet medical so that we can fully service animal’s dental needs with the very specialised equipment that is required. We offer full mouth dental radiographs with our modern dental x-ray equipment to get up close and personal with each tooth so that we don’t miss hidden problems lurking below the gum line and your pet doesn’t have dental pain.

The tooth below doesn't look too bad after it has a prophylactic scale and polish. At Treendale Pet medical, we take radiographs of animals with dental disease. Take a look at the x-ray below the image of the tooth. The tooth root is rotten and a dental abscess is present. This is extremely painful. Unfortunately, our pets suffer in silence. This tooth needed to be removed and it would have been missed without a radiograph.

carnassial tooth dog

Here is the x-ray of the tooth above. Can you see the abscess?

abscess pre molar four dog

Where can you get dental x-rays for dogs and cats in Bunbury? Treendale Pet Medical.

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