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The full service from on-site progesterone testing for results in minutes and same day artificial insemination to ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis. We have experienced and competent veterinary surgeons for your after-hours Caesareans and all your breeding needs.

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Progesterone Testing

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Genetic Testing


Hip And Elbow Scores

Why drive to Perth or wait for results
tomorrow when we can do progesterone
testing on site with results in minutes…and if
you need artificial insemination we can do it
the same day!

It can be difficult to know if your breeding bitch is ready for mating. She seems to be ready and the male dog might be in Perth. It’s a long way to drive if she isn’t quite ready or worse still you have missed the optimum time for breeding and you miss out on puppies! We can help. Come on in and we can measure the progesterone levels which is the most accurate way to determine where your breeding bitch is in the mating cycle.


110% best vet in the area, not only are they amazing with my anxious American Staffy but their expertise saved my parents’ bull terriers life when we were told she only had a few weeks left from other vets which I’ll always be grateful for. Couldn’t recommend enough –

Michael Pullicino
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Bringing advanced breeding services to the South West

We can help you with everything from optimum mating times, conception and pregnancy diagnosis and if nature is failing, we can help you with infertility investigations and artificial insemination. If you need genetic advice or hip and elbow screening, we can help there too. Everything you need under one roof.

Progesterone Testing

Our accurate and fast progesterone measurements are done on site. You will know when your breeding bitch is ready to mate. Never miss an optimal breeding time again. We’ll have results for you FAST!

Artifical Insemination

Sometimes the male and female we want to breed just can’t seem to get it together naturally. We have special instruments for proper artificial insemination and we use semen extenders to improve survival times of the sperm for increased fertility and progeny.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

When you absolutely have to know, we can do an ultrasound at 4 weeks post mating to see whether your bitch is pregnant. Sometimes you may have had an accidental and unsuitable mating and you need to know as early as possible to prevent problems.

Infertility Investigation

There can be many reasons for a failed mating when it isn’t just poor timing. We have advanced imaging to accurately assess the ovaries and uterus to see whether biopsies may be necessary. We can do cultures and semen analysis where necessary

Caesarian Sections

A C-Section may unfortunately be necessary in some cases of dystocia. If your bitch needs an emergency surgery you need to trust the veterinarian performing the surgery and taking care of the puppies. Rest assured our veterinarians are vastly experienced and will be able to help in your time of need.

Genetic Testing

When breeding it is possible to choose the best possible breeding dog’s to mate with by having genetic screening. This is the best way to enhance your reputation and charge more for your puppies. Pet owners are hoping to have a pet they can love that is going to have a happy life without preventable genetic diseases.

Pennhip X-rays

Pennhip X-Rays are a different way of looking at the development of Hip Dysplasia. A Pennhip X-Ray is best performed at 16 weeks of age to screen for HD in pups you would like to breed from. If the pup has increased joint laxity it can have an operation called a JPS at 16 weeks to minimize the severity of HD. See our page on JPS and Hip Dysplasia

Hip And Elbow Scoring

We can take high quality digital X-Rays to send to a certified radiologist for hip and elbow scoring for the purposes of selecting good breeding stock and to prevent passing on this painful disease.

Would never go anywhere else! So helpful, informative and best of all our fur babies are happy to go
here. Not even a whimper today when they both had their injections.

Toni Brewer

Confidence in your animal health care provider is very important to high quality breeders that need:

We have advanced diagnostic imaging using our CT machine for spinal, ligament, tendon and muscular injuries and high quality digital
X-Rays for diagnosis of bone disease and fractures.

  • The right timing for breeding with accuracy and clarity
  • Artificial insemination
  • Pregnancy diagnosis using ultrasound
  • Infertility investigations
  • Genetic testing
  • Hip screening
  • Confidence with emergencies

What to expect

# 1

You will be welcomed by one of our friendly receptionists or nurses.

What to expect

# 2

We will handle your pet very gently using fear free techniques for blood collection.

You will have the progesterone results within 20 minutes.

What to expect

# 3

An experienced veterinarian will advise you of the optimal time for mating.

We can perform artificial insemination the same day if it is needed.

What to expect

# 4

If you have an emergency out of hours you will speak directly to an experienced veterinarian.

If your whelping bitch is having difficulty and needs a Caesarean an experienced surgeon will be performing the surgery.

What to expect

# 5

Pregnancy diagnosis can be performed using ultrasound four weeks after mating.

What to expect

# 6

If there are fertility issues, we can help too.

Everything you need under one roof. Save time and
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