Routine Services

Everything your fur child needs from the first day of your beautiful friendship. We’d love to be part of you and your pet’s life for all your animal health needs. We provide everything you’ll ever need including quality nutrition, worming and flea control to vaccinations and cupid control. Your baby will love the fear free experience.

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Health Checks


Free Dental Checks


Your pet will love the vet with our fear free

Our aim is that your pet never sees or feels the vaccination. We are very gentle and very caring. It’s important to protect your best friends against the many deadly diseases that can be prevented with vaccination. Side effects are actually extremely rare. Make sure you keep them safe.


110% best vet in the area, not only are they amazing with my anxious American Staffy but their expertise saved my parents’ bull terriers life when we were told she only had a few weeks left from other vets which I’ll always be grateful for. Couldn’t recommend enough –

Michael Pullicino
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Bringing the revolution in “Fear Free”
veterinary practice to the South West

Treendale Pet Medical is one of the few purpose built fear free hospitals in Western Australia. Your pet will have a more pleasant veterinary experience.

Health Checks

Whatever your pet needs we can provide. Our veterinarians are vastly experienced and we have the very best and most advanced diagnostic equipment available to pets. Advanced CT imaging, blood pressure, intra ocular eye pressure, on site blood tests, X-Rays, Ultrasound……..we do it all with state of the art diagnostics.

Cupid Control

If you don’t want your fur child speaking the language of love we offer the safest and most comfortable experience for your beloved pet. Advanced anaesthetic monitoring ensures a safer experience and five levels of analgesia means your pet will barely know they had surgery. Our caring nurses will make sure they are warm and comfortable and feeling loved and safe.

Free Dental Checks

If you want your pet’s teeth checked, we will give your pet a FREE dental exam and do an estimate for any dental work that may be needed.

Would never go anywhere else! So helpful, informative and best of all our fur babies are happy to go here. Not even a whimper today when they both had their injections.

Toni Brewer

Kind and gentle vets make for happier pets.

If it’s hard to snuggle up with your pet because their breath is unbearable – there’s a good chance they’re suffering from painful tooth
decay or dental disease. We prefer to keep your pet happy with preventative care, but we can also help with:

  • Vaccinations
  • Senior health screens
  • Love visits
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Pain Clinic
  • Free quotes
  • Advanced pain control for sterilisation
  • Blood tests on site
  • Cuddly Club
  • Intra ocular eye pressure tests
  • Cancer Clinic
  • Artificial legs
  • Fear Free Health checks
  • Dentistry
  • Laser therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Free dental checks
  • Alternatives to surgery

What to expect

# 1

You will be taken into a room and your pet will be greeted by one of our caring nurses or one of our friendly vets.

What to expect

# 2

Your pet will get cuddles and treats and be handled gently and kindly.

What to expect

# 3

If your pet is staying with us for the day you will be given an estimate so there is clear communication about costs.

What to expect

# 4

Your pet will feel comfortable and safe in our fear free hospital with soft music and pheromones to make them feel right at home.

What to expect

# 5

One of our care nurses will contact you as soon as their procedure is completed and make a time for you to collect your fur child.

vets in bunbury
vets in bunbury
vets in bunbury
vets in bunbury
vets in bunbury

For the love you expect for your fur baby

We can help you take care of your pet’s routine services, so they stay happy, healthy and huggable for longer.
Get in touch and ask about our routine services to give your pet the best quality of life possible.

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Social distancing is easy for pets and people in our spacious waiting areas.

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