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All your pet’s common eye problems treated right here in Treendale. If your pet is squinting or has discharge from the eye you should call us. Eye problems need to be addressed quickly to prevent permanent damage or even loss of vision.

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Corneal Ulcers

Entropion Surgery

Seek help if your pet is squinting or has
discharge from the eye.

If your pet has a sore eye, you must not wait and see what happens. Eye problems are painful and can deteriorate quickly leading to more severe problems that include permanent damage or even loss of vision.

Eye Exams

We will check the eye both on the inside and the outside. We check the conjunctiva, nicitans and eyelids as well as the cornea and the fundus of the eye. We can do a Schirmer Tear Test to check your pet’s tear function and make sure they don’t have dry eye which presents initially as red eyes and recurrent conjunctivitis. We can also test the pressure in your pet’s eye to check for glaucoma and uveitis using our Tonopen.

Cherry Eye

Cherry eye is when the gland of the third eyelid herniates and forms a large red lump on the medial part of the eye. It is a frustrating condition to treat. It needs to be repaired so that your dog doesn’t develop dry eye. We perform a surgery called the “pocket technique” to preserve the herniated tear gland. This technique has a very good success rate.

Non-healing Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcers are like a pot hole in the road. It is an erosion on the cornea or the “windshield” of the eye. Ulcers can be superficial or deep. We can fix them all using diamond burr debridement or corneal grafting if necessary. The cause of the ulcer must be identified for good results. Learn all about corneal ulcers here

Entropion And Ectropion Surgery

If the eyelids are rolling inwards rubbing your pet’s eyes this is called entropion. This is painful and feels like having sand in the eyes and can lead to non-healing ulcers and scarring of the eyes. Dr Rob can fix this easily for your pet. Ectropion is where the eyelids roll out causing drying of the cornea and ulcerations.

Does something look different about your pet’s eyes?

Treendale Pet Medical has experienced veterinarians and we use high quality diagnostic tools for examining your pet’s eyes. We can help. Do NOT let it get
worse and live with regret. Eyes are unforgiving. Get your pet’s eyes examined as soon as possible if you think there is something wrong.

  • Corneal grafts
  • Non healing ulcer
  • Eyelid tumors
  • Glaucoma
  • Cherry Eye
  • Entropion surgery
  • Diamond burr
  • Eye saving reconstructive surgery
  • Uveitis
  • Eye cancer
  • Ectropion surgery
  • Intra ocular pressure IOP
  • Dry Eye
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Enucleation

What to expect

# 1

Our experienced veterinarian will do a thorough exam.

What to expect

# 2

The veterinarian may do a Schirmer Tear Test STT to assess your pet’s tear function.

The veterinarian may use green coloured fluorescein staining to assess the cornea for scratches or ulcers.

The veterinarian may use a Tonopen to check your pet’s eye pressure to check for glaucoma or uveitis.

What to expect

# 3

The veterinarian will explain any conditions found and recommend treatments based on finding.

What to expect

# 4

Clear explanation of treatment costs will be explained thoroughly.

Play safe with your pet’s eyes…

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