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Age is not a disease. Things start to happen that cause
disease. We can help prevent disease or cure your pet
with an early diagnosis. Screening is crucial to

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Annual Blood Tests

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Early diagnosis gives us a chance of a cure

A longer life must also be a happy life. Our pets can’t tell us what is wrong and we often don’t notice there is a problem until it is well advanced. For successful outcomes we need to pick up on any problems before it is too late. Once a pet turns 8 years of age, we recommend going to the vet twice a year. An annual blood test helps us check your pet’s health on the inside.

Annual Blood Testing

An annual blood test is recommended for pets over 8 years of age even if they seem well. We are looking for the “little red light on the dash” that tell us there is a problem before there are symptoms. An early diagnosis of hormonal problems, organ disease or diabetes can help us get your pet back on track before they were even sick. Waiting until there is advanced disease before coming to the vet often means your pet will be very sick and challenging to get them back to health.

Twice A Year After Eight Years Of Age

After 8 years of age, we recommend taking your senior pet to the vet twice a year for a health check. For your pet to live a longer healthier life we need to manage their weight and any chronic inflammatory disease like dental disease, arthritis and chronic lung disease. We can help keep your pet on track.

CT Scanning

An annual CT scan is a very sensitive test for checking the brain, the heart and lungs, the bone density and the organs for early signs of disease. We can diagnose disease before there are symptoms. If your pet has a tumor a CT is a great way to check if the cancer has spread.

The New Normal For Cats And Dogs

Like people, pets are living longer. As veterinarians our goal is to help your cat live to be twenty years old now. Our goal for dogs is to extend their average life by five years. For small breeds we can extend their life to twenty years of age. For medium size dogs we can extend their life from 12 to 17 years of age. For giant breeds we can extend their life from 8 to 13 years of age……..with regular health checks, annual blood testing, weight management , early cancer diagnosis and the prevention of : dental disease, arthritis, chronic disease, pain and cognitive dysfunction.

Our mastiff was recently diagnosed with a massive tumor filling her stomach cavity. Against the odds, Dr Rob decided to operate, somehow managing to remove the growth without damaging surrounding organs, saving her life. Without Treendale’s fantastic surgeons and hyper modern facilities our puppy would be no more…Thanks so much guys.

Brad Hendry

There are just so many things we can do to help your pet live a happier life as they get older…

Some conditions are just hard to diagnose early. It is possible to do annual CT scanning to search for disease before there are symptoms or to allow us to make changes in diet or medication to improve health before disease starts.

What to expect

# 1

Your pet will have a thorough examination with one of our experienced veterinarians.

What to expect

# 2

If your pet is overweight we will recommend a special diet and to join our “cuddly club”

What to expect

# 3

We will recommend an annual blood test for pets over 8 years of age.
We can check your pet’s blood pressure and eye pressure if we have concerns.

What to expect

# 4

The veterinarian may recommend tests if we have any concerns regarding disease.

What to expect

# 5

We will do an estimate and explain costs before any work is undertaken.

If you love your pet and want them to live a happier life longer…

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