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Make pet behaviour problems a thing of the past. There really are things we can do to help

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Are your pet’s behaviour problems putting a
strain on the bond between you and them?

Do other people and animals in your life find it challenging too? Don’t struggle on alone with your pet’s extreme behaviour – we can help.

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110% best vet in the area, not only are they amazing with my anxious American Staffy but their expertise saved my parents’ bull terrier’s life when we were told she only had a few weeks left from other vets which I’ll always be grateful for. Couldn’t recommend enough

Michael Pullicino
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Fear Free hospital for pets with behaviour issues,
fear and anxiety

Treendale Pet Medical Veterinary Hospital can work with you and your pet to understand and resolve your pet’s behaviour problems. Our on-site care includes:

Gentle Animal Handling

Our nurses and vets are passionate about your pet having a positive experience with lots of love and gentle care.

Fear Free Examination Rooms

Our hospital was designed with your pet’s experience at the forefront of our thinking.

Accurate Diagnosis

Our veterinarians are very experienced and are also pet owners. We understand what’s going on and we can help.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Our experienced veterinarians and nurses will be able to give you the right therapeutic plan to help your pet.

Would never go anywhere else! So helpful, informative and best of all our fur babies are happy to go here.
Not even a whimper today when they both had their injections.

Toni Brewer

Experience & expertise in animal behaviour

Resolving your pet’s behavioural problems takes time and effort. But it will be worth it when you and your pet can enjoy life to the full once more.

Some problems we can help with are:

  • Anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Property destruction
  • Toilet training
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Urinating inside
  • Aggression

What to expect

# 1

Make an appointment with one of our lovely receptionists to see our experienced veterinarians.

What to expect

# 2

If your pet is shy, fearful or aggressive come and pick up a “chill pill” – a medication our veterinarian will prescribe to relieve your pet’s anxiety.

What to expect

# 3

On the day of your appointment, you and your pet can wait in one of our spacious waiting areas – inside or outside. If your pet is shy or anxious, they might prefer one of our smaller waiting spaces inside.

What to expect

# 4

During your pet’s consultation, our veterinarian will examine and observe your pet in our large and private behavioural examination room. They may organise hormonal blood tests that will be processed in our on-site lab.

What to expect

# 5

Our veterinarian understands the cause of your pet’s behaviour, and will discuss the diagnosis with you and recommend a tailored plan to help your pet recover.

Pet Behaviour Specialist
Pet Behaviour Specialist
Pet Behaviour Specialist
Pet Behaviour Specialist
Pet Behaviour Specialist

Supporting you and your pet every step of the way

At Treendale Pet Medical Veterinary Hospital, we love all animals – but we understand the stress and strain problem behaviour can cause.
Don’t struggle on alone. Organise a consultation with us today and get genuine support for you and your beloved pet.

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