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Luxating patella or “dislocating kneecaps” are very painful and lead to osteoarthritis. If your pet has a lot of pain from this painful condition, then Patellar Groove Replacement may be just what they need…

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Patellar Groove Replacement Implant






If your pet is faced with a lifetime of chronic pain from patellar luxation, PGR or Patellar Groove Replacement can provide a solution.

In almost all cases of patellar luxation, the dog will end up with terrible osteoarthritis in later life. A dislocating kneecap is very uncomfortable to begin with but after years of rubbing the cartilage under the patella on the ridge of the knee, severe arthritic change will develop. Whether your pet is young or whether the problem has caused severe degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis, Patellar Groove Replacement is the solution.


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We can help you if your pet has been diagnosed with a luxating patella. PGR can bring tremendous relief to your pet with MLP or LLP. There are four different grades of luxating patella and each level has different considerations and challenges.

Medial Luxating Patella

Medial luxating patella (MLP) is the most common syndrome we see. Patellar Groove Replacement gives us a better chance of fixing the more severe cases of MLP.
With MLP we see changes to the femur and tibia as well as torsion of the bones.
Dogs often have hip dysplasia as well.
Changes to the femur include reduced femoral neck anteversion, external torsion and distal varus femoris.
Changes to the tibia include proximal valgus tibiae, internal rotation of the tibial plateau, distal external torsion and medial position of the tibial tuberosity.
There is often patella alta which is a high riding patella that doesn’t track in the femoral groove meaning a very shallow trochlear groove and a need for patellar groove replacement.

Lateral Luxating Patella

Lateral luxating patella (LLP) is less common but extremely difficult to fix. Patellar Groove Replacement gives us a real chance of trying to fix this challenging problem.
With LLP we see increased neck anteversion of the femur, internal torsion and distal valgus femoris.
In the tibia we see proximal varus tibiae, external rotation of the tibial plateau, distal internal torsion and a lateral position of the tibial tuberosity.
We see patella baja which is a low-lying patella. The shortening pf the patella tendon makes correction of a LLP extremely challenging. The advantage of a patellar groove replacement is that we can adjust the implant positioning to assist in patella tracking in patella baja.

PGR a Solution

The Patellar Groove Replacement device is a unique solution to fix the condition where the kneecap dislocates from the patella groove of the femur in the stifle (knee).
PGR is the first and only device on the veterinary market to fix a patella groove and repair a luxating patella.
The PGR provides immediate stability and low friction reducing pain.
There are ten different sizes for all dogs great and small as well as cats.

PGR Can Be Used In Cruciate Disease

Cruciate disease in the dog leads to severe inflammatory changes within the entire joint. At surgery we see severe osteoarthritis of the trochlear ridge and patella. Patellar Groove Replacement is an implant that be used to remove all of this severe osteoarthritic change from the stifle.
The severe arthritic changes we see in cruciate disease aren’t usually corrected in cruciate surgery leaving the dog still in a lot of pain from osteoarthritis despite the repair.
PGR offers a solution.

Treendale Pet Medical has recently become my pooch’s regular vet medical centre of choice. We were welcomed to the centre on our first visit as if we were already regulars. Everything about Treendale Pet Medical is outstanding, from the building to the ambience to all of the staff we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. My pooch loves Drs Rob and Torben, who both provide care with sensitivity, professionalism, and compassion, and I appreciate the after-visit calls to check in with us and make sure that my pooch is doing well. Highly recommended by me and my fur-kid. – Danielle Monique

PGR is the solution your pet needs for pain free knees

  • Reduces friction giving immediate relief.
  • Prevents the kneecap dislocating
  • Removes the degenerative surface full of osteoarthritis
  • Immediate stability in a smooth artificial groove
  • Immediately reduces friction and heat production in the joint preventing cell death and further degradation of the articular cartilage
  • Reduces the need for anti-inflammatories and other medication with time as healing occurs

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You will be welcomed by one of our friendly receptionists or nurses.

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One of our veterinarians will perform an orthopaedic examination of your pet

# 3

We will recommend X-RAYS of your pet’s pelvis, hips and back legs unless you have good quality radiographs already

# 4

If your pet is a candidate for PGR we will discuss this with you and make a date for the surgery should you wish to proceed.

Patellar Groove Replacement Implant
Patellar Groove Replacement Implant
Patellar Groove Replacement Implant
Patellar Groove Replacement Implant

A life changing implant to remove arthritic bone of the stifle and provide a solution for pain caused by a dislocating kneecap

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