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Dedicated Veterinary Dermatology Specialist to
diagnose and treat your pet’s skin condition on site

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dermatology for pets

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Allergy Testing

Skin Cancer Diagnosis &

Your happy pet can feel miserable with
irritated, inflamed or infected skin.

Finding a way to ease their discomfort starts with a consultation at our hospital with Dr Fiona Scholz, our dedicated Veterinary Dermatology Specialist.

Dr Fiona (BSc, BVMS, MANZCVS, DACVD, FANZCVS) is a Board-certified and Fellowship-trained veterinary dermatologist. And, as a certified Fear-Free Dermatologist she knows how to minimise your pet’s distress during their visit.

She provides consults, testing, diagnosis and treatment in our Bunbury animal hospital. So, your pet can get the specialised treatment and relief they need, without the stress and added expense of frequent trips to Perth.


110% best vet in the area, not only are they amazing with my anxious American Staffy but their expertise saved my parents’ bull terrier’s life when we were told she only had a few weeks left from other vets which I’ll always be grateful for. Couldn’t recommend enough –

Michael Pullicino
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World-class dermatology treatment in the
South West

Dr Fiona chose Treendale Pet Medical Veterinary Hospital as her referral practice because of our outstanding facilities and highly trained, friendly staff. Our fear-free approach to vet care also aligns with hers. Your pet can access:

World-class Veterinary Dermatologist

Dr Fiona Scholtz is WA’s only Veterinary Dermatologist to achieve Diplomat status with the American College of Veterinary Dermatologists, and Fellowship status with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Dermatology consultations

Don’t let your pet suffer in silence with itchy, irritated or inflamed skin. Dr Fiona is a highly skilled animal dermatology specialist. She will diagnose your pet’s skin condition, identify its cause, and help your pet get long-term relief.

Allergy testing & desensitisation

If allergies are making life uncomfortable for your pet, Dr Fiona can help. She offers on-site intradermal allergy testing to identify the cause of your pet’s allergies and, when needed, can provide allergy desensitisation here at our vet hospital.

Skin cancer diagnosis

The hot Aussie sun puts dogs and cats at risk from skin cancer. Our on-site lab and cancer clinic allow your pet to receive diagnosis, advice, surgery, chemotherapy and ongoing care here at our vet hospital. There’s no need to go anywhere else.

Our mastiff was recently diagnosed with a massive tumor filling her stomach cavity. Against the odds, Dr Rob decided to operate, somehow managing to remove the growth without damaging surrounding organs, saving her life. Without Treendale’s fantastic surgeons and hyper modern facilities our puppy would be no more…Thanks so much guys.

Brad Hendry

Dermatology treatments for happier pets

Your pet’s chronic skin condition doesn’t have to be frustrating for you or them. When you visit our vet hospital, Dr Fiona will help put a
smile back on your pet’s furry face. She can treat skin conditions such as:

  • Alopecia
  • Sun damage & skin cancers
  • Allergies including food allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Anal sac disease and scooting
  • Stress

What to expect

# 1

Your pet undergoes a thorough, gentle examination with our veterinary
dermatology specialist, Dr Fiona.

What to expect

# 2

Accurate diagnosis is carried out by Dr Fiona and our on-site team using bloodwork, cytology, or intradermal allergy testing to give you the results within just a few hours.

What to expect

# 3

Your vet will share your pet’s results with you, explain what they mean, offer honest advice about treatment options and answer any questions you have.

What to expect

# 4

We’ll agree on a treatment plan which will be carried out on site and
may include the following:

  • Allergy desensitisation
  • Bee desensitisation
  • Skin cancer diagnosis, advice and treatment
  • Biopsies, surgery or chemotherapy
  • Infection control
  • The right advice for shampoos and medications

What to expect

# 5

If your pet requires anaesthesia or surgery, they will recover in one of our specially designed fear-free pet wards until they are able to go home.

What to expect

# 6

We know that serious pet illnesses can stretch the budget, so we offer
Openpay to help you manage the cost of your pet’s return to good health.

Supporting you and your pet every step of the way

At our custom-built, world-class animal hospital, your pet’s wellbeing is always our top priority. They will be loved and spoilt whenever they’re in our care.

Let Dr Fiona and the skilled team at our Treendale Veterinary Hospital help your pet feel happy and comfortable in their skin once more.

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