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Tail-wagglingly good visits to the vet

Treendale Pet Vet Medical veterinary support services Hospital is an advanced animal hospital in the South West of WA.But it’s the little things we do that make a big difference to your pet’s happiness during their visit.

We’ve put hours of research into creating an environment that leaves our animal friends with pleasant memories of their vet visit.

Starting with a warm welcome at reception, your choice of pet-friendly waiting areas and separate rooms for dogs and cats, your pet’s wellbeing is cared for with:

Animal-friendly colours

Cats, dogs and many other animals see ultraviolet light so, for them, white appears like a glowing neon violet. Sounds terrifying doesn’t it?
We’ve decorated our spaces using calming shades of cream and other fear-free colours instead.

Gentle animal handling

Our team is trained in gentle animal handling to help your pet feel safe. We know things like needles can be scary, so we’re skilled at distracting animals before an injection.
We make sure they never see a needle.

Cat and dog pheromones

These are circulated in the dedicated cat and dog treatment and recovery areas to remind your furry friends of happy times.

Soothing tunes

Selected by animal behaviourists who advise that certain types of music create a soothing atmosphere for animals.

Vet visits that feel like

Your pet might not understand that our modern, cutting-edge facilities and equipment plus our highly skilled team help them get better faster.

But they know they love gentle care, cuddles and, of course, tasty treats. That’s why appointments with us feel less like a vet visit and more like a playdate.

Meet our Team

A vision for vet care done differently

When Dr Rob Hill began his career in 1996, it was normal for vets to work as allrounders. He treated different animals, injuries and health conditions. And he gained experience in vet practices across Australia and around the world.

Dr Rob has been treating pets throughout the Bunbury region since 2002, when he took over the Australind Veterinary Hospital. As the years passed, his vision for an advanced, pet-centred, custom-built animal hospital began to take shape.

After growing the Australind practice to bursting point with the help of our award-winning team, he and his wife, Lisa, opened the doors to Treendale Pet Medical Veterinary Hospital in 2017.

More About Hospital

‘When people ask us why we created a high-tech, state of the art animal hospital – the answer is easy. It’s all about giving the animals we treat the best chance of success.The best way to reduce their trauma. And the best chance to heal and live long, healthy and happy lives.’

Dr Rob Hill
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Professional development – the
pathway to better vet care

At our modern, purpose-built animal hospital you can access routine vet services plus advanced diagnostics, treatments and surgery, conveniently located under one roof.

The diverse range of vet services we offer reflects Dr Rob’s commitment to learning and professional development. Our whole team participates in ongoing training in the latest technologies, treatments and care.

So when you bring your precious pet to our world-class hospital, they’ll receive world-class treatment. We’re fully trained and equipped to deliver quality vet care. So we can make life as healthy and happy as possible for adored pets across South West WA.

Best Vet Professional Team

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