New veterinary hospital opens in Bunbury – Treendale Pet Medical

New veterinary hospital opens in Bunbury

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Welcome to the veterinary hospital of the future. Treendale Pet Medical is extraordinarily beautiful and built with the emotional wellbeing of you and your pet at the forefront of our thinking.

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This pet service providing veterinary care for animals has been designed for a “fear free” experience and is the first purpose built fear free veterinary hospital in Westerna Australia. What is a fear free veterinary experience for your pet?

Our staff would be delighted to show your through this beautiful facility. Pop in and say hi! We’d love to see you and give you a tour.

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We have dedicated orthopaedic and sterile operating theatres so that your pet gets the very best of care.

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Every feature of this beautiful hospital has been designed with the emotional well-being of your pet at the forefront of our thinking. The colours are all “fear free” to animals so they have a more pleasant experience. The design is just beautiful.

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We have a stunning and relaxing outdoor waiting area for shy pets. If your dog or cat does not like coming to the vet, we have a perfect solution for you. You can wait with your pet outside in our beautiful landscaped gardens. You can enter and exit through a side door into a consulting room and your pet will never know they were at the vet!

Treendale Pet Medical has the best equipment and diagnostic tools available. We can deliver fast and accurate results on site because we have state of the art diagnostic equipment.

We have top of the range ultrasound and x-ray equipment for sonography and radiology. Our imaging is of a high quality for accurate diagnosis.

Ultrasound is the greatest medical breakthrough since the discovery of penicillin. The diagnostic capability of a good ultrasound machine is remarkable. We have a top of the range ultrasound for high quality sonography.

If your pet is sick or you have an emergency, we can help. You need a vet who has the very best equipment for a fast and accurate diagnosis. We have on-site blood machines in our pet lab so we can run blood tests for a fast accurate diagnosis while you wait. We will have results for you in ten to fifteen minutes. You won’t have to wait until after lunch the next day or Monday to get results for your sick pet. You can rely on us to help you quickly.

We also have cutting edge technologies. We do animal orthotics and prosthetics or V-OP. We are one of the few vets in Australia that does stem cell therapy. We do platelet rich plasma therapy to facilitate healing and we now offer K-Laser therapy for advanced non pharmaceutical treatment options. Laser therapy can be used for analgesia of many injuries both soft tissue and orthopaedic. We use laser therapy for wound healing, analgesia, to speed up healing of soft tissue injuries like muscle, tendo and ligament injuries and for osteoarthritis. We have seen amazing results for analgesia and the reduction of pain in osteoarthritis.

Laser is very safe. You and your pet will have goggles and doggles. Check out the doggles on Oliver, Australia’s number one cat. Even cats tolerate them well.

Why is Treendale Pet Medical the place you should bring your pet? Read the list below for our point of difference veterinary hospital!

We have an amazing opening special for you at Treendale Pet Medical for dog and cat vaccinations. We have a very special price for pet vaccines. Come and give us a try and take advantage of our amazing opening specials.

Come and meet our friendly veterinary team. We’d love to meet you and your pet and show you around.

Come and have a look at our state of the art fear free veterinary hospital in Bunbury. We are Treendale Pet Medical and we are located at 109 The Boulevard Treendale. Phone 97961388.

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Treendale Pet medical

Social distancing is easy for pets and people in our spacious waiting areas.

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