Treendale Pet Medical is a new purpose built veterinary hospital in Bunbury that is open seven days a week. The hospital design and service offering is of world class standards.

Treendale Pet Medical is open 7 days a week. Monday to Friday we are open 8am to 8pm. On Saturday and Sunday we are open from 8am to 12pm. The phone number to call us on is 08 97961388 and you can check out our website here

You will love the big cat and the big dog on the front entrance to our fear free hospital.

Treendale Pet Medical is a fear free animal hospital taking the pet out of petrified. What is fear free? Click here

You will see an immediate point of difference from any other veterinary hospital you have ever entered. You will get a big wow upon entering our waiting room and you will always get a big friendly welcome from our poeple care team on reception.


Waiting room

Nurse reception

Main reception and smiling veterinary receptionists

Western Australia on the wall

The beauty of our hospital is stunning. We have the very best veterinary equipment available to practice high level medicine and diagnostics as well. Our nurses are all qualified and are passionate about providing your pets the very best of care. We have outstanding facilities, and dedicated and committed staff. Our nurses are all qualified veterinary nurses who are animal care fanatics and they love working in our state of the art hospital.

Veterinary nurses Treendale Pet Medical

Dr Rob Hill is a chartered member of the Australian Veterinary Association and has successfully completed his membership levels in small animal surgery with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. Dr Rob Hill BVSc BSc CMAVA MANZCVS (surgery) is a very experienced veterinarian and surgeon. He also works extremely hard to provide you with a high quality service that is available when you need us. We are open seven days a week and open later than any veterinary hospital in Bunbury. We are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

Dr Rob Hill BVSc BSc CMAVA MANZCVS (surgery)

Our philosophy is that we need to make a proper diagnosis to practice good medicine and treat your pets with the approprate therapy, surgery and medicine. We have invested heavily in the very best equipment available.

Ultrasound for veterinary sonography

The ultrasound is a wonderful, non invasive tool for imaging internal organs to assess their function and to take biopsies without general anaesthesia.

Ultrasound is also wonderful for pregnancy diagnosis.

5 week pregnancy in a bitch (dog)

We have an IDEXX laboratory so we do all of our own blood work in house whilst we wait. You don't wait for results and your pet doesn't wait to be treated. Our blood tests are done on site and you have results within minutes. We start treating your pet immediately.

IDEXX blood machines for fast results on site whilst you wait.

Blood test

Our qualified veterinary nurses really enjoy our well equipped hospital and providing your pets with the very best of care.

Following blood tests, your pet may need diagnostic imaging. We have a top of the range x-ray machine to take high quality radiographs.

Digital X-Ray machine (top of the range)

The high quality machine means we take high quality radiographs for accurate diagnosis.

Can you see what is wrong with this hip joint from a dog?

Digital radiographs mean you can zoom in to get minute details and put two opposing joints side by side to compare them. It helps pick up the subtle details that are easily missed for accurate diagnosis.

Right and Left elbows side by side looking for subtle changes to assist with diagnosis.

Digital radiographs allow us to label them to help you understand what is going on and we can e-mail them to you.

This dog has elbow dysplasia and we are able to point out the subtle changes for our client by putting arrows and exlainers and labels on the radiograph.

We also have high level dental xray capability to take high quality radiographs of teeth for your pet.

Dental X-Ray machine

Dental X-Ray digital processor

When the dental x-ray is taken, it is processed on our digital processor. We are able to closely look for signs of tooth root disease and dental decay. This assists us with decision making for dental extractions and helps prevent complications such as broken jaws which can occus from removing teeth in soft infected bone. Dental radiographs can also help us detect cancer.

IM3 Dental Unit

We also have a high quality dental machine and a dedicated dental facility.

We do a lot of very advanced surgery. Dr Rob Hill is a member of the ANZCVS in surgery. We have clean, purpose built facilities for  high level and sterile surgery.

Sterile surgery and qualified veterinary nurses monitoring anaesthesia.

Purpose built, clean and sterile.

We take surgery and sterilisation very seriously

We do a lot of very interesting things that many vets do not offer. We are a referral centre for animal orthotics and prosthetics. Yes we give animals new legs or supportive devices if they have terrible injuries.

Prosthetic leg at Treendale Pet medical Bunbury.

We do many interesting natural therapies to promote healing such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy and K-Laser therapy. These natural therapies are very popular in people and we offer it for pets as well.

Platelets are removed from the blood in a centrifuge

The platelet rich plasma is then removed from the cells in a special syringe that separates the plasma.

Platelet rich plasma is then injected into the inured area. This is PRP getting injected into the elbow of a dog with arthritis.

We also do laser therapy to promote wound healing, soft tissue injuries, post operative recovery, infections, dental disease, pain and osteoarthritis. K-Laser therapy is a wonderful pain free therapy that has no side effects.

K-Laser therapy at Treendale Pet Medical

Laser therapy for dogs Treendale Pet Medical.

K-Laser therapy for cats Treendale Vet

Laser is safe for dogs and cats and we protect their eyes using doggles.

The cost of high quality veterinary care can put you under financial pressure so we are now offering payments plans at Treendale Pet Medical. You can have an account using a payment plan with Open Pay at Treendale Pet Medical.

You can get an Open Pay Account by clicking here

Payment Plans at Treendale Pet Medical using Open Pay
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