Bunbury, Suburb & Moving Guide – TOP 5 Things To Know
Bunbury WA Australia

Bunbury, Suburb & Moving Guide – TOP 5 Things To Know

Bunbury Suburb Overview

Bunbury is a coastal city in Western Australia, approximately 175 kilometres (109 mi) south of the state capital, Perth. It is the state’s third-most populous city after Perth and Mandurah, with about 75,000 residents.

Located south of the Leschenault Estuary, Bunbury was established in 1836 on the orders of Governor James Stirling and named in honour of its founder, Lieutenant (at the time) Henry Bunbury. A port was constructed on the existing natural harbour soon after and eventually became the main port for the wider South West region. Further economic growth was fuelled by completing the South Western Railway in 1893, which linked Bunbury with Perth.

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The Bunbury Lifestyle

Bunbury, WA is a beautiful place to live with its stunning beaches, lush forests and friendly people. 

There is always something to do in Bunbury, WA, whether you are a nature lover, beach bum or foodie. In short, the perfect place to raise a family or retire in peace and tranquillity.

Bunbury, Suburb & Moving Guide


In urban Bunbury, 72.1% of people were born in Australia. The most common other countries of birth were England 6.0%, New Zealand 3.4%, South Africa 1.9%, the Philippines 1.1% and India 0.7%. 85.0% of people only spoke English at home. Other languages spoken at home included Afrikaans 1.0%, Italian 0.8%, Tagalog 0.5%, Mandarin 0.2%, and Filipino 0.4%.


Bunbury is situated 175 kilometres (109 mi) south of Perth, at the Preston River’s original mouth and near the Collie River’s mouth at the southern end of the Leschenault Inlet, which opens to Koombana Bay and the larger Geographe Bay, which extends southwards to Cape Naturaliste.

Bunbury, WA History

The original inhabitants of Greater Bunbury are the Indigenous Australian Noongar people. The people hunted and fished throughout the sub-region before the first European settlement in the 1830s. The area was originally known as “Goomburrup” before the arrival of Lt. Bunbury.

Is Bunbury A Good Suburb To Live?

Bunbury is a great suburb or even city to live in! 

With great schools and parks, Bunbury is a friendly community. 

There’s always something to do in Bunbury, and it’s a great place to raise a family.

To answer the question if Bunbury is the right suburb for you, we have collated some reviews from current and past residents:

“Large city with further growth expected” Bunbury Reviewed by pah123.

Bunbury is 175 kms south of Perth and is the third-largest city in WA. Bunbury is a port city and apart from the farming and timber industries in the area, Bunbury also has a large administrative area. Tourism is big in the area and the town profits from the influx of tourists each year. The town is well serviced by bus and train links to Perth daily and local bus services for travel around town, school and special services. Bunbury has large shopping centres offering supermarkets, department stores, boutique and specialty stores. There are many restaurants and takeaway food outlets as well as popular fast-food chains. Take your choice of schools here with both state and private primary and secondary schools as well as preschools and daycare centres. Sport is big in Bunbury with many playing fields, swimming pools and indoor recreation venues. There are all kinds of sporting clubs and associations covering many sports. Bunbury has a large and fast growing population and many new housing sub divisions are being opened up as the town spreads. Prices for homes have risen dramatically in the past few years and rental prices are also reflecting this growth.

“Bunbury a work in progress.” Bunbury Reviewed by brah

Moved here with my young family 19 yrs ago from the Eastern states. For the first 6 months I cried every day that I had made a huge mistake.. Bunbury is not like any other town.. at the time there were roster systems for petrol, which to an out sider who didnt know the lay of the land was like following a treasure map, that always sent you to where the treasure HAD been the week before. But since then I have fallen in love with Bunbury and its quirks ways. Although I do miss the extended hours trading. Im happy to say that in 19yrs I have only been back to Vic 3 times to visit family, I make them come to beautiful Bunbury to visit me…


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