The Tragedy

Dobby was tragically run over. The car went over him like a speed bump and the poor little guy had his pelvis crushed like a watermelon. He was rushed to Treendale Pet medical in a terrible state of shock and pain.

The Prognosis

Dobby presented in a critical state. He was white from blood loss. He was in terrible pain. His pelvis was crushed. It seemed impossible that he wouldn’t have spinal injuries or nerve damage as well as his terrible injuries. We honestly didn’t know whether he would ever walk again.

His bladder may have been ruptured. His colon may have been shredded. His spine may have been severed. The nerves to his bladder may have been torn making him unable to empty his bladder. His sciatic nerves may have been torn.

There was so much bruising and swelling and pain from broken bones and legs it was impossible to do a neurological exam. Many people would have just put Dobby out of his suffering but his loving family would not give up. In all honesty, we didn’t know whether Dobby could be saved.

The Miracle

We had to stabilise Dobby and manage his wounds and pain and blood loss before we could even contemplate repairing the damage. Dobby was in no state for an anaesthetic. After a few days in hospital, Dobby started to get feeling and movement in his legs and we were able to assess that his bladder was working normally and that his colon had not been damaged.

We proceeded with his first operation to repair one of his broken legs. After a few more days we were sure that he did not have spinal or sciatic injuries so we started his second marathon surgery to plate the left side of his pelvis and repair his left dislocated hip. This went very well but Dobby had had three anaesthetics and two major surgeries in one week so we gave his body a few more days of rest. We then did a third marathon surgery to repair his right hip and right femur. After two weeks in hospital, Dobby the bionic dog was able to go home.

In what can only be described as divine intervention, Dobby escaped spinal injuries and nerve damage to his bladder and legs. Dobby had three marathon surgeries to plate his pelvis, repair both dislocated hips and fix two broken legs. The little champion was so brave and the light at the end of the tunnel has materialised. Dobby is pictured going home with his loving family.

They gave us a beautiful sketch of his sweet little face which we will have framed and in our hall of great moments. It is these moments that make being a vet the greatest job of all. This is a truly remarkable story of miracles; the incredible love and the human animal bond; the triumph of overcoming the greatest odds; the skill and the teamwork of nurses and surgeon, and the courage and indomitable spirit of our handsome hero. He was just so happy to be going home with his mummy and daddy. It brings a tear to the eye.

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