The Tragedy

Poor little Hopi was heading out on a walk with her mum. They had just got out the front gate of their home when two roaming junk yard dogs set upon her with intent to kill. Hopi’s mum was beside herself as she struggled to stave off this ferocious attack on her beloved and gentle soul. Hopi was badly mauled.

Hopi’s mum was distraught with mixed emotions of grief, sadness, terror and anger. Her neighbour came to help and Hopi was rushed to Treendale Pet Medical.

The Prognosis

Hopi had terrible wounds to her chest. The chest was ripped open. The ribs with snapped and chewed and broken in multiple places. The chest wall that was ground up like minced meat. She had pulmonary haemorrhage and a pneumothorax. One lung lobe was badly traumatised.

We stabilised her on fluids and analgesia but we were very worried for her future. Would she survive? Would she survive an anaesthetic to repair her open chest. Could we wait to stabilise her or would she die if we didn’t take a chance? We were all very worried.

The Miracle

Super nurse Paige had to positive pressure ventilate Hopi through her surgery because her lungs were collapsed and her chest was open. Dr Rob had to repair an extremely large hole with very little healthy tissue to work with. The hole was closed. A chest drain was placed and Hopi recovered in an oxygen tent.

In an incredible recovery that stunned Dr Rob and our nursing team, Hopi recovered rapidly and by mid afternoon, she was wagging her little tail like the bravest little creature the world has ever seen. Her pain must have been indescribable.

She lined up for dinner though. Super nurse Leticia gave her cuddles and chicken. This was truly a miracle on multiple levels. It’s a miracle she survived the attack. It’s a miracle she survived the anaesthetic. It’s a miracle we were able to close her chest. It’s a miracle she ate dinner the same night.

Hopi survived a vicious attack from a pack of junk yard dogs with intent to kill. Her chest wall and ribs were destroyed. After a marathon effort to repair the life-threatening carnage to her chest wall and thoracic organs Hopi got to go home. Hopi’s mum is a very sweet lady that loves her little dogs like children. We were glad to be of service and it was wonderful we could save Hopi. Hopi is home now and doing well despite her terrible injuries.

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