The Apologue

Hi. My name is Winston. I was a six month old French Bulldog at the time. I was only young so when I saw a bottle of gorilla glue, an incredibly strong type of superglue, I just wanted to chew it and rip it up like I’ve seen dog’s do on TV whilst I watched Australia’s funniest home videos.

Everybody laughs and the masters give their doggy lots of love and cuddles. I really just wanted to have lots of love but when I chewed that stuff open, I was quite surprised at the taste.

It didn’t taste good but it didn’t taste bad so I decided to lick it all up and swallow the plastic pieces as well. I shouldn’t have done it. I just couldn’t help myself. I knew it was a mistake almost straight away.

The Remorse

It was only a few minutes later that I started to feel unwell. I didn’t know anything about super glue. I didn’t know that is sets really hard like stone. I didn’t know that it swells up as well. I started to feel really sick. My stomach was stretching. I tried to vomit but I couldn’t. It really hurt.

There was this huge hard swelling in my tummy. It was so uncomfortable I wanted to cry. I knew I was in trouble. I had done something really silly. My master looked at me and knew immediately I wasn’t well. Then he found what I had chewed up and eaten.

My master googled it and he was really sad and frightened. I had never seen my master so worried. He wasn’t angry, he was very concerned for me. Was I going to die?

The Reconciliation

My master rushed me to Treendale Pet medical. Dr Rob had a feel of my tummy and he said my stomach feels like a cannon ball. Because it was super glue there was grave concerns for me. We weren’t sure if it was stuck to my stomach.

I needed surgery but Dr Rob wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to save me. I couldn’t live without a stomach. I was very sad. This morning I was a happy young puppy and then I did something stupid. Without surgery I would die. Surgery was my only hope but they might not be able to save me. I was so happy that my master was going to give me a chance. Please save me Dr Rob.

I was put onto an IV and I got very sleepy. I had a marathon surgery apparently and when I woke up the horrible pain in my belly was gone……..and I was alive. I just couldn’t believe it. I was so relieved. I was so happy to go home. I ate straight away. Everything was working. My life was going to be wonderful thanks to the wonderful team at Treendale Pet Medical.

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